Tene Shake

Tene Shake, Executive Chef & Owner – Isabella’s Italian Seafood and Steaks

Tene ShakeTene Shake was born and raised in Monterey. Having five older brothers, he was given the nickname “Tene” because he was the youngest brother. This would soon become his trademark. Growing up on the Wharf, he was trained in the family business and gained a great knowledge of seafood at a young age. After graduating college and attending culinary school, in 1994 he was awarded one of “America’s Top Chefs” by the American Academy of Restaurants and Hospitality Sciences. Tene has cooked on television, and was featured on “Celebrated Chefs”. Along with his brothers, he owns several restaurants, fish markets, boats, keeping with the long family heritage.

Tene’s signature restaurant, Isabella’s opened in 2000 and is located on the historic Monterey Wharf with views of the entire Bay. It was named after his mother and showcases his uniquely inspired seafood dishes that he features on his famous cooking shows on Comcast TV. The menu of Isabella’s reflects the Coastal cuisine with fresh seafood and produce that is grown and raised around the Monterey Bay. The menu presents a nice selection of fresh crab, salmon, calamari and mussels, as well as, Tene’s steaks with his own style of Italian and Mexican-flavored tastes that he has created as master of seafood cooking. The restaurant has exceptional seating for up to 100 and offers a large selection in fine wines and liquors to pair with your meal.

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