Sven Hoffmann

Sven Hoffmann, Co-Owner & Executive Chef – Carmel Food Company

Sven HoffmannChef/Owner Sven Hoffmann has been training his whole life for this dream of his own restaurant in the village of Carmel by the Sea. His deep traditional training as a young man in Germany led him to developing his skills from the Inter Continental in Hamburg, Germany to Napa Valley’s most prestigious restaurant and resort – Auberge d’ Soleil. His years with Masa, the master chef at Auberge set the standards that have brought him to our village by the sea and the fine dining experience offered at the Carmel Food Company.

Sven presents the European cheese and charcuterie board with specialties right out of the Black Forest with his French omelet of Black Forest Ham and Brie and his un-conventional open-faced Croque Monsieur.

This lovely location has both an indoor “tented dining room” beautifully and elegantly decorated by Roger Harned and Hoffmann. They seem to make a perfect team for this new restaurant and gardens in downtown Carmel and just a walk away from all the action on Ocean Avenue and in the Village.

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