Mohammed Tabib

Mohammed Tabib, Executive Chef – The Fish Hopper

mbrw09_chef_mo-fishhopperMohammed Tabib, more commonly known as Mo was born in Alexandria Egypt, a coastal town on the Mediterranean Sea with a climate very similar to Monterey, CA. His father was a French Professor and his mother was a great cook of Mediterranean cuisine. Mo graduated high school and went on to study business at the College of Commerce in Alexandria. Growing up in Egypt, his first language was Arabic, but he also learned French from his father and studied English in school.

After his freshman year of college, Mo decided that he would travel to Switzerland. He had heard that Switzerland had lots of opportunity and landed in Lucerne, a beautiful town with lots of farming. He immediately began looking for a job and was lucky enough to find a job as a dishwasher at the upscale Johnieterhoff Hotel. Executive Chef, Mr. Garring took Mo under his wing and began to teach him cooking techniques. The Chef was impressed with his skill and encouraged Mo to go to culinary school. At the urging of his parents, Mo traveled back and forth from Lucerne Switzerland to Alexandria, Egypt to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in Business which he obtained while earning a two year degree from the culinary institute in Switzerland.

At the end of his schooling, Mohammed decided to travel to the United States. In 1983, Mo traveled to visit his sister in Eckern, Ohio. The day that he landed in the U.S., he went to dinner with his sister at the Brown Derby Restaurant, a steak and seafood house. At the end of the meal, Mo asked to speak to the manager and asked if there was any work available. The next morning, the manager called and offered him a job. Mo met his wife while working at the restaurant and started a family.

Mo and his family decided to move to Adrian, Michigan. He was hired as an Executive Chef for a small Italian Restaurant. After working at the restaurant for 3 years, Mo became restless and was looking for a more challenging work environment. He picked up the phone to call his friend whom he had attended culinary school with in Europe. He learned from his friend’s mother that his friend had moved to Monterey, California and was working for the Hyatt Regency as a Sous Chef. He called his friend and secured a job working alongside his friend as a Sous Chef. Mo worked at they Hyatt Regency from 1987 to 2001 when the down turn in the economy forced him to look for another job.

Mo responded to a job opening at Old Fisherman’s Grotto and met with Chris Shake over lunch. He came on board as a Chef and within weeks was promoted to the Executive Chef position. Mo felt that it was a blast to be a part of the history of the Old Fisherman’s Grotto and learned a lot from Chris Shake about the restaurant business. After 2 years, Mo was asked to help out at the Fish Hopper and he has remained working as the Executive Chef of the Fish Hopper since 2004. Mo raves that the Fish Hopper is one of the finest restaurants that he has ever worked for and enjoys the atmosphere. He appreciates the freedom and trust that the Shake family has given him. When he is not working, Mo is playing soccer or out fishing. His son Adam has now graduated college and his son Zyad is currently attending San Diego State University. Mo enjoys his work and will continue to call Monterey home.

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