Gregory Lizza

Gregory Lizza, Executive Chef – Fresh Cream

mbrw09_chef_greglizz-freshcreamLobster bisque is one of the dishes Executive Chef Gregory Lizza has wisely added to Fresh Cream’s stable. A whole lobster has been roasted, deglazed and reduced to its rich essence — as a liquid. No chunks of seafood spoil the creamy texture. Instead, a crust-free piece of brioche toast rests on an islet of mashed potato. The toast, when taken with a spoonful of soup, dissolves like cotton candy.

Since coming to Fresh Cream from the Highlands Inn 10 years ago, Lizza has added about 40 percent of the menu. Another not to miss: lobster ravioli. In keeping with appetizer status, there are only three of them, draped in velvety-red lobster butter (as in the bisque, a reduction with brandy, tomatoes and vegetables) contrasting with a tangy riesling beurre blanc. Refreshing the pasta are two inner leaves of Belgian endive, holding black and gold caviar.

From his signature ‘Rack of Lamb’ to his luscious desserts, Chef Lizza makes “Fresh Cream” an experience to remember.

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