Armando Ramirez

Armando Ramirez, Executive Chef – Crabby Jim’s Seafood Restaurant

Armando RamirezChef Armando says “food is an Art” – everyone knows how to cook, the difference is how it looks and how it tastes. I’ve loved cooking since I was 14 yrs old with my Mother during Cinco De Mayo or any special event. She taught me how to prepare enchiladas, tamales, and Mole sauce. If there was a relatives birthday, we celebrated at my house and I did all the cooking, this is where I learned to cook for large groups. When Chef Armando turned 18, he went to Culinary art Training at GUELPH for 1 year. His brother was living in North Carolina, so at 19 he decided to come to the US. His first job was a Chico’s Mexican restaurant working as a prep cook, after 2 years, the Chef moved him to line cook and he stayed on there for another year. When his brother had an opportunity to come to California, Armando make the move with him.

Executive Chef Armando Ramirez has no been living on the Monterey Peninsula for 10 years. His first job in the hospitality Industry was with Chef Todd fisher at Hullaballo Restaurant in Salinas as a cook. Chef Todd instilled early in Armando that “it doesn’t matter what you do, It’s how great you do it”. Chef Armando worked closely with Chef Todd learning the Italian and America cuisine they served. From there, her moved on to MPCC under Chef Jose Sanchez where Armando received great support and trust to believe in himself and his culinary abilities. On to Forge in the Forest as Sous Chef under Chef Hector Berrman, expanding his skills with Mexican and American cuisine. While on Fisherman’s Wharf one day in 2007, he met a man by the name of Dennis Joshi who would give him the career boost he was looking for. Armando was hired as Executive Chef at Crabby Jim’s Seafood Restaurant and has been with them for the last 6 years. In June of 2012, his secret Calm Chowder recipe won him and the restaurant “Best Clam Chowder on the West Coast”. Try it for yourself and you’ll see why.

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