Alejandro Corres

Alejandro Corres, Executive Sous Chef – Edgar’s at the Quail Lodge

Alejandro CorresChef Alejandro Corres has more than 17 years of experience in the culinary world with the majority of his culinary story based on the Monterey Peninsula. Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Alejandro B. Corres grew up tasting the bold flavors and unique ingredients found in his family’s dishes. Attending family gatherings gave Corres his first glimpse into the magic of food that led him down a unique and determined path to becoming a Chef.

Life brought Corres to Watsonville where he worked in the fields picking strawberries. Eager for a change, he signed up for adult school and simultaneously found a position at Casanova restaurant in Carmel as a dishwasher. He was enthralled with the idea of creating dishes instead of cleaning them and boldly asked to learn prep work at a neighboring restaurant, Juliano’s. At Juliano’s, Alejandro learned the art of pasta making as well as many more Italian cooking techniques. Corres’ gusto for learning and hard work led to a position at Fandango where he spent three years as a prep cook. Finally, Corres earned a covetable position at Los Laureles Lodge as its Sous Chef for eight years.

Corres was a perfect match for the opening of Sous Cook at the Duck Club at the Monterey Plaza Hotel where his budding career would lead to a formal degree. At the Duck Club, Alejandro impressed many of his superiors who in turn promoted Corres to Banquet Chef where he remained for nine years. During this time, the Plaza invested in Corres’ culinary education sending him to the Culinary Institute of the America at Greystone in Napa Valley. The culmination of many years of hands on experience led Corres to a culinary degree from this world renowned institute.

Corres utilized his degree to become Executive Sous Chef for two years of three restaurants at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort and as time wore on, he became interested in opening his own establishment. He opened Mexcal, the only restaurant in the Monterey region serving traditional upscale Mexican cuisine. However, the restaurant opened just as the economy fell, and Mexcal had to close its doors. With this change, Corres made one of his only two departures from the Monterey Peninsula, first to Oklahoma City where he spent two years working for Hilton Hotels.

Chef Corres considers his big break to be his time at Stonepine Estate Resort, an upscale resort in Carmel Valley known for its equestrian facilities, where he studied under Chef Daniel Barduzzi. Stonepine Estate Resort gave Corres a chance to expand his culinary knowledge and learn about French cuisine which complemented his Mexican roots, many years in Italian Kitchens and CIA degree. Chef Corres relocated to Yosemite – a place with equal but different beauty. Chef Corres worked at Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite for several years before returning to the Monterey Peninsula to work at Quail Lodge Golf Club, where he remains today.

As Executive Sous Chef at Quail Lodge Golf Club, Alejandro Corres draws from all of his experience to create worldly dishes with a regional focus. He applies his energy and talent toward inventing unique dishes that bring a modern flair to Quail.

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