4th Annual Monterey Bay Restaurant Week – October 18th-25th, 2012

Tene Shake, Executive Chef & Owner – Isabella’s Italian Seafood and Steaks

Tene Shake was born and raised in Monterey. Having five older brothers, he was given the nickname “Tene” because he was the youngest brother. This would soon become his trademark. Growing up on the Wharf, he was trained in the family business… More

Juan Ponce, Executive Chef – Old Fisherman’s Grotto

Chef Juan Ponce is the force in the kitchen of the Old Fisherman’s Grotto and follows in the footsteps of a 50 year legacy on the Monterey Wharf. The tradition of fine dining with a focus on seafood cooked in classic style, with his own signature styled dishes… More

Mark Ayers, Executive Chef – Cannery Row Brewing Company

Chef Mark Ayers is the Executive Chef with the newest of Cannery Row’s Best Restaurants and Bar on the ‘Row’ with Cannery Row Brewing Company and his entrepreneur-friend, Rob Weakley of Pebble Beach Food & Wine and Harvest fame… More

Mohammed Tabib, Executive Chef – The Fish Hopper

Mohammed Tabib, more commonly known as Mo was born in Alexandria Egypt, a coastal town on the Mediterranean Sea with a climate very similar to Monterey, CA. Mo was asked to help out at the Fish Hopper and he has remained working as the Executive Chef of the Fish Hopper since 2004. Mo raves that the Fish Hopper is one of the finest restaurants that he has ever worked for and enjoys the atmosphere… More

Jason Giles, Executive Chef – Jack’s at Portola

As executive chef of the 379-room Portola Hotel & Spa, Jason Giles is at the helm of all culinary operations, including menu development for the hotel’s two restaurants, Jack’s and Peter B’s BrewPub, as well as the creation of menus for in-room dining, banquets and special events… More

Robert Noce, Executive Chef – Chart House Restaurant

Chef Robert has been at the Chart House on Cannery Row since taking over from Chef William Poolman and is loving the food, the concept and the people. “We strive to provide all our guests, the best experience and exceptional food that you would expect from a name that has been around for over 50 years”… More

Tom Stutzman, Executive Chef – Point Pinos Grill

At 17 years old, Chef Tom Stutzman had already decided on his career path and has loved both creating amazing food and sharing his passion with others ever since… More

Levi Mezick, Executive Chef – Restaurant 1833

Originally from the Washington DC area, Executive Chef Levi Mezick brings a wealth of culinary expertise, cultivated under some of the world’s most famous chefs, to Restaurant 1833. Knowing early on that his passion lay in working with his hands crafting food, Levi began his career… More

Armando Ramirez, Executive Chef – Crabby Jim’s Seafood Restaurant

Armando was hired as Executive Chef at Crabby Jim’s Seafood Restaurant and has been with them for the last 6 years. In June of 2012, his secret Calm Chowder recipe won him and the restaurant “Best Clam Chowder on the West Coast”. Try it for yourself and you’ll see why… More

Alejandro Corres, Executive Sous Chef – Edgar’s at the Quail Lodge

As Executive Sous Chef at Quail Lodge Golf Club, Alejandro Corres draws from all of his experience to create worldly dishes with a regional focus. He applies his energy and talent toward inventing unique dishes that bring a modern flair to Quail… More

Julio J. Ramirez, Executive Chef Consultant – Edgar’s at the Quail Lodge

Julio formed the Food Wranglers, Inc, a restaurant consultant team specializing in menu development, kitchen productivity and efficiency, and staff training. He is currently Executive Chef Consultant of the Quail Lodge Golf Club in Carmel Valley… More

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