Two weeks until 2009 Restaurant Week

October 8th, 20096:33 pm @

Just watched the charming little video on this website showcasing Rebecca and Tony the Chef Monster. By the time my pupils got dilated on that fine-looking BLT, I was dialing up transportation companies to see if I can get a Monterey Bay Restaurant Week Party Bus going for the entire week.

The challenge will be scheduling all the participating restaurants into the trip as well as eating all the food I’ll be ordering. I’ll have to arrange accommodations at area hotels, maybe enlist the aid of a strategic development coordinator from the Naval Postgraduate School, some scheduling and planning genius to program my itinerary. I want to hit every spot.

Let’s see…should I start at Fresh Cream, walk to Portola, then hit Montrio or vice-versa? Do I weave a highway thread with Tarpy’s, TusCa at Hyatt, Rio Grill and Pacific’s Edge? When should I do the Cannery Row/Wharf ride with The “C” at Intercontinental, Fish Hopper, Lattitude’s and Old Fisherman’s Grotto? How do I hit Carmel…zig zag or maybe work each side of Ocean on different days. I can hit L’Escargot, The Grill on Ocean Ave, Il Fornaio and Forge in the Forest as one trip…then do Anton & Michel, Basil, Andre’s Bouchee Bistro, Beaujolais Bistro on another. Carmel Valley, a cinch—Wills Fargo, Wickett’s Bistro at Bernardus and Volcano Grill—that’s an overnight trip waiting to happen. I like the hidden gems for a leisurely tour—Fandango, tucked up the hill on 17th in PG and An Choi, all the way down in Butterfly land on Lighthouse in PG almost to the golf course, each spot wonderful in its unique way.

What a logistical thrill this is going to be for my planning person. What a feasting thrill this is going to be for me…and you.

—Ray Napolitano