Nothing Weak About 2009 Restaurant Week

October 1st, 20096:29 pm @

Eating the Peninsula with Ray Nap

Been looking into this newly formed Restaurant Week concept here where Monterey Bay bathes beauty and bounty across bold coastline. While monster squid stealthily swim in bottomless canyons a few miles offshore, landlocked hospitality leviathans swoop up schools of hungry humans and regulate their blood sugar levels with time-tested standards—like Anton & Michel, Rio Grill, The Grill on Ocean Avenue, Montrio and Fresh Cream; newly formed niche concepts—like Basil, Volcano Grill and An Choi; plus corporate stalwart Il Fornaio and golf course clubby Edgar’s.

I had been reading about other Restaurant Weeks throughout the country in the various industry rags for some time now, some creative glass half full type’s way to generate business during the early days of this rather tedious gloom and doom economic scuttlebutt. If I were the type to research everything, I’d be able to tell you where it started. Sorry, you all have your Google, now click paradise and in you go. What I will say is that for our little town and country, we can always use a bit of a boost in the bustier supporting our mammoth restaurant bosom. Not only that, it’s a damn good bit of fun.

We all want to go out to eat, hang around with friends in a comfortable, upbeat environment with nice lighting, music playing in the background (or foreground), delicious food being served to us by accommodating, happy people, no messes to clean up—come on, we’re Americans—it’s a birthright. This nonsense about our economy tanking and people being afraid just doesn’t sit well within our souls, souls that intuit the joys of communal breaking of bread, heartfelt intercourse (now take it easy, this is a restaurant piece), over indulgence in food, drink and merriment, plus the most important ingredient of humanity, sharing love for each other among friends and members of our community. That’s all we really want, that’s all anybody wants or needs.

Let’s see where this Restaurant Week thing is heading. I’ll keep chiming in with some perspectives (albeit mildly perverse perspectives) about the whole thing, the parts, the people, the perks, the poopoo, the works. Keep coming back to read, I’ll keep coming back to write, we can all do Restaurant Week together and see if we can’t jumpstart the new revival by eating and drinking our way back to the top.

-Ray Napolitano